Modern Classical 16 String Bass Lyre - Mahogany Tree Made

In the vast tapestry of human history, music emerges as a universal language, transcending barriers of time, culture, and geography. Among the multitude of musical instruments that have graced this world, the lyre stands as a symbol of antiquity, its melodious strains echoing through millennia of human civilization. From the […]

Hello, “Oud” is a musical instrument traditionally performed and produced in many countries of the Middle East. Oud making is a very laborious process and requires many years of training and experience. Oud making is a process that requires mastery, just like making traditional musical instruments. For oud making, the […]

Learning to play the oud can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Here are some steps to get started: Remember that learning to play the oud takes time and dedication. With practice and patience, you can develop your skills and become a skilled oud player.

It is necessary to include some information that may correspond to the question of how to choose the oud string. String selection is very important in oud and lute musical instruments. Because when choosing Oud and Lute strings, we must decide how long it will last and what kind of […]

We would like to introduce a newly designed Lyre in our workshop. We designed a new Lyre from the cherry tree grown in Turkey. This design is a 20 string Bass Lyre model. Alternative trees will continue as pear, chestnut, walnut, mulberry, elm, linden and maple. Best Tree For Lyre […]

How To Choose Oud Turkish Oud, is the best oud instrument in the world. It has more qualified vocal ranges than Arabic ouds. It gives an excellent enjoyment and playing comfort while performing. It is always ahead in terms of the quality of wood used with its lightness and special […]

Oud Guide for Beginners

When choosing oud, you should consider using it for the first time and for many years. A good Oud should be focused on durability and efficiency for many years. If it looks perfect but is not produced with sound scientific methods, the result will be disappointing. It seems that taking […]

Oud Guide for Beginners

What is Oud Musical Instrument The player who plays the oud is called the Udi. The oud is a fretless musical instrument played with a plectrum. While the handle length is 19.5 cm, the wire length corresponds to 58.5 cm. The distance from the neck of the lute to the […]

What Confirmation Is The Lute, When Was The Lute Invented The lute was working in its primitive form in Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, Rome and Greece in the early ages. Those who were created by the Arabs and came from the geography of Andalusia. It took the 18th century for Turkish […]


We provide first-class workmanship, long-term warranty and maintenance service. The lyre goes through a professional production and every process is rigorously tested. Qualified trees mean qualified yield. We make special production with exotic trees grown in various parts of the world. We make new discoveries every day to bring our […]