What Should We Know About Lute

What Confirmation Is The Lute, When Was The Lute Invented

The lute was working in its primitive form in Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, Rome and Greece in the early ages. Those who were created by the Arabs and came from the geography of Andalusia.

It took the 18th century for Turkish music to find its place. Tanburi Cemil Bey started playing the lute with a tortoiseshell plectrum. During this period, he took part in a group as incesaz. Tanbur, Classical Kemençe and Lavta. In the 19th century, when the sink became widespread, it began to lose. It started to become popular again in the 21st century, starting to run widely in Turkish music playing and pop music. We are dying to express ourselves in solo performances.

The lute is in a form similar to the oud musical instrument. Boat layouts are narrow and narrow and also shorter than the Oud, with fewer borders. The lute is a fret musical instrument that can be connected to 29 frets and can be used with coma sounds. Places in our music list in general terms.

How Is The Structure Of The Lute

Lavta is classified as Turkish and Greek. But from the name of his former cognates named Lute. Form in Turkish Lute, emphasis on Greek Lute. The Turkish Lute has 7 strings and consists of the lowest double row of minas. In the Greek Lute, the bottom two rows of strings are produced from steel wire.

How To Play The Lute

The Turkish Lute is very similar to the Tanbur, the sound that the truth reveals. horizontal school tortoiseshell plectrum or common. In addition, plastic oud and baglama plectrums are also used in performance. Those who perform the lute are called “Lavtavi”.

How To Tune A Lute

The pitch arrangement in the Turkish lute will be the same as in the tanbur instrument, based on Turkish music. It is tuned accordingly. In the lute the pitch is 18, 25 or 29 frets. In parallel with the order in the tanbur, the pitch pattern of Tanburi Cemil Bey is used. The lavender color sedge has attained the status of a practiced right to life.

Important Lavtists in Turkish Music (Lavtavi)

Tanburi Cemil Bey
Mesut Cemil
Lavtaci Andon
Lavtaci Civan
Mr. Lütfi
Lavtaci Şeyda Hanım

What Wood Is The Lute Made Of?

Lute can be produced from wood. His lute is chosen by Luthiye. The instrument is dry and fixed. The chest part is called the resonance cover (cover) and is fitted with the twin icon obtained from the cut of the spruce tree and its refinement. The thin and long balconies seen in this guide are a bit in themselves. And these balconies are again filled with spruce wood.

It is produced from sycamore, walnut, pear, cherry and elm trees at Luvi Atelier. Preparations for special equipment and preparations preparation preparations are preparations and meticulousness.

Should You Play Lute Or Oud?

There are distinctive differences between lute and oud. The lute consists of a fretted musical instrument, it has sharper and angular tones, while the oud produces sounds without corners. Lute is easier to learn, easier to learn to play the differences. It takes a little more time to learn the location of full tones and coma sounds in fretless instruments. Things that will make him happy for them to open up to buy the Turkish musical instrument.

What Is A Lute And What Are Its Features

It is produced in the form with a wire length of 64 cm. Turkish Lute with 64, 65, 66, 70 and 72 string lengths can be preferred. It has 7 wires in total. Some manufacturers may prefer 8 strings. Luvi Workshop provides the needs and completion of the Lute trainer. The string scenario of the lute on the keyboard is the ideal computer 2.5 mm. Higher strings play and string tension are drawn. Among them, picking up strumming, intonation holding.

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