Oud Buying Guide

How To Choose Oud

Turkish Oud, is the best oud instrument in the world. It has more qualified vocal ranges than Arabic ouds. It gives an excellent enjoyment and playing comfort while performing. It is always ahead in terms of the quality of wood used with its lightness and special craftsmanship.

Turkish Oud Prices

The Turkish Oud that we produce is around 2 thousand dollars on average. This price is an excellent price performance indicator. The sound structure of Turkish Oud is very gentle and characteristic. If you’re making music from medieval Europe, progressing in Western music or Turkish music, this is for you. You can express Arabic melodies much more easily. The strings are close to the keyboard. Therefore, it does not have a tense and difficult playing.

Where To Buy Oud Instrument

The oud musical instrument must be purchased from the maker himself. Since we work on an order basis, there is a guarantee and continuity basis. When a musician requests a Oud from us, we come up with extraordinary ideas for him. We fulfill his wishes and please him. As an oud maker workshop, we provide musicians and musician candidates with the opportunity to pay in cash and credit cards, with the knowledge and experience gained over the years.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Oud?

The cost of buying a good Oud is between 1000 – 3000 dollars on average. This cost is determined by the professional musical instrument making knowledge and seniority, as well as the choice of wood used. The type of wood material to be used will determine the price policy of Turkish Oud against the price in the market.

Should I Buy A Turkish Or Arabic Oud?

If you find it difficult to choose between Turkish and Arabic Ouds, you should act according to the type of music you will play. There is only one type of Oud that can relate to almost every musical genre in the world, and this is undoubtedly the Turkish Oud. There are many reasons for this, the ease of performance, the timbre of the instrument, the ergonomics of the instrument and a very important reason is its lighter weight. All these differences are present in Turkish Oud. The Turkish oud is light, comfortable in playing, and is suitable for playing for a long time with the pleasure brought by its ease of playing. He can relate to any genre of music. Price is leading in terms of performance.

The Differences Between Arabic Oud And Turkish Oud

The form length of the Arabian Oud is 67 cm – the width is 36 cm.

The string length in Arabic oud is 57 cm. The string length in Turkish Oud is 58.5 cm.

Turkish Oud is the most common oud musical instrument. Compared to the Arabian Oud, it is both more common and in demand. The Turkish Oud is quite light, while the Arabian Oud is heavier. Turkish Oud is smaller than Arabian Oud. Turkish Oud has a thin soundboard. It makes playing more comfortable. His voice is wider and suitable for spreading. It ensures that the oud sound is noiseless and clean. 11 strings are used in Turkish Oud.

What Is The Best Oud Instrument?

The strength of the oud is very important. Professional Oud is lightweight with good strength. The soundboard has been carefully chosen, and the balance between the head sill and the lower sill has been placed symmetrically. String height above the keyboard is ideal. It is the workshop owner who determines the best oud, where you can easily reach the producer, who you can consult and who can offer you ideas and always welcomes you. You can read our Oud selection content about it.

Is Oud Harder Than Guitar?

Playing the oud is more complicated than playing the guitar. If you learn the grip and position, you can play the guitar more easily. Oud is a musical instrument that can give the right sounds with very gentle touches. Here is some information you need to know about the oud.

Is Oud Difficult To Learn?

The oud musical instrument is known for its versatility. If you are a musician playing the oud, you can play many kinds of music such as Turkish music, Persian, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Medieval European music. The oud is the ancestor of many instruments. Oud is the oldest musical instrument in the world. It is so old that it can find a response in every culture. It is a complex, philosophical and profound musical instrument. Despite all this, it is a very easy instrument to learn. Don’t be afraid of the oud, start now.

Oud Instrument Price

We work all over the world professionally and with a fair price policy. You can click the link to order Oud.

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