Oud Guide for Beginners

When choosing oud, you should consider using it for the first time and for many years. A good Oud should be focused on durability and efficiency for many years. If it looks perfect but is not produced with sound scientific methods, the result will be disappointing. It seems that taking the Oud remains inexperienced and painful experience. Each Oud reflects the character of the musician. It is very important to feel the soul of your instrument.

The oud instruments we produce are designed according to personal taste. At Luvi Atelier, production takes place in the light of distinguished designs and scientific data by Eren Ali Gül. He advises you for the best Oud and listens to you sincerely. It understands the sounds you like and produces and delivers a gentle and generous Oud in return. We recommend that you get an idea about the sharpness and softness of the sound of the oud, as well as the bass and treble balance.

Turkish Ouds are lighter, easier to carry and hold than other oud musical instruments. Sound richness is quite good.

Is Every Oud Sound the Same?

Not every Oud sound is the same. It is very important for the oud musician to be able to play easily and to make the right sound pressures and get results. Not only the instrument, but also the performer needs to capture the correct pressures. We provide this convenience for the musician. In this way, we continue to produce ouds with superior professionalism, which is easy to play, learn and even develop.

You can learn oud styles. Being a good listener is just as important as being a good follower. You can choose your own style by listening to the sensitivities of a favorite oud player and watching their movements. There are dozens of different styles in the world.

Oud Making is Very Important

We make Oud by processing light and hard woods. The heavy oud affects the sound resonance. The more light and meticulous production takes place, the more comfortable the oud player will have and the more quality he will have for many years.

Which is the Best Oud String?

Kurschner Oud String is used in our ouds. If desired, we can also attach Pyramid Oud strings. Not all Oud strings are the same. Efficiency, ergonomics, durability and sound emission are very important. We need a quality Oud string, we recommend a quality Oud string.

Oud for Beginners

Oud for beginners must be professional. You cannot improve yourself with an amateur oud. A Oud that you can feel good about and reflect your emotions will guide your development and career.

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