Luvi Atelier

Luvi Atelier takes its name from the art and craft wisdom of Anatolia, Luwian Civilization. The mythological ancestor of the lyre is known as Apollo. Apollo has taken a place from Luwian in the mythological naming of the Luwians. And it has a great historical significance. In mythology, the god of music, the arts, the sun, fire and poetry, is the god of prophecy and cognition.

Luvi Atelier was founded in September 2020 by Eren Ali Gül on the production of lyre. It has the title of Turkey’s first lyre making workshop. Along with the lyre, oud and lute productions are also made.

Luvi Atelier is on the street of the old Kartal train station. It is in the place known as Station Street, where Neyzen Tevfik lived often in the past. The street is closed to traffic and is easily open to workshops and visits.

Oud, Lute and Lyre musical instruments are made to order.


I am Eren Ali Gül. I produce lyre, oud, oud, tanbur and gittern musical instruments. I am a writer, musician, botanist and maker of musical instruments.

The lyre musical instruments I produce are of my own design and shape. You can contact me to meet and try my musical instruments.

Eren Ali Gül