Oud String Models

It is necessary to include some information that may correspond to the question of how to choose the oud string. String selection is very important in oud and lute musical instruments. Because when choosing Oud and Lute strings, we must decide how long it will last and what kind of sound it will sound. A longer lasting wire? Should we choose strings with more bass or treble resonance? For this, you can have information about the following Oud and Lute string models.

At Atelier, we use Kürschner Oud strings. The reason for this is that it gives a balanced sound with Ouds and Lutes. The most important thing in every instrument is that the string is strong and the sound is balanced. However, your wire selection may change as a result of different needs and expectations.

Pyramid Oud String

It is a company headquartered in Earlengen, Germany and has a wide instrument scale in wire manufacturing. The company, which was founded in the 1850s, became one of the world’s giants in wire and tuning fork production after the second world war. Since the early 1980s, it has started to produce strings in tension suitable for Turkish and Arabic ouds. With its soft and resonant structure, pyramid strings are among the brands preferred by the most important luthiers for their ouds. In 2010, he presented the model “pyramid by ramazan calay”, which he specially produced for the famous Turkish oud maker Ramazan CALAY, to the world’s ouds.

Satin and highly silver alloy copper winding wires and nylon made Neva and Gerdaniye wires complete the wide resonance structure with the mid deep tones given by the pvf (polyvinyl fluoride) material.

Kürschner Oud String

It is a German patented wire brand that continues to be produced in Turkey-İzmir as of 2014. It is headquartered in Taunusstein. Since the beginning of the 90s, Istanbul Kenan ÖZTEN has started to produce tension wire suitable for Turkish ouds with the patent partnership. The production, which was made by Kenan ÖZTEN workshop for many years, changed hands in 2009 and started to be manufactured by İzmir Barış Yekta KARATEKELİ and Bilgin KARATEKELİ brothers. Kürschner strings have a soft-wound long resonance and treble character. It is an invaluable string for those who love the lute tone, which is called the faintly scratchy tone. Sub performances can produce surprisingly good results even in ouds. Its sound is an extraordinary combination of wire with the excess of copper ratio and the use of soft pvf.

Welsh Oud String

It is the wire produced by the Italian Welsh company founded by Tommaso Galli in 1890. The products, all of which are wrapped with computer-guided machines, are in the form of three types with the codes GR-75, GR-85, O200. Among these, GR-75 and GR-85 are specially produced for Turkish ouds. As a bonus, the first two strings of the GR-85 are made of black nylon, ideal for harsh and explosive tones. In general, Welsh oud strings give medium soft and deep toned results.

D’addario Oud String

J-95, the model designed by the American company d’adario for oud and kopuz body satin-copper winding instruments, offers optimum resonance and the opportunity to obtain an average oud tone by tolerating different plecturing styles. Produced with laser micrometer inspection and closed tension control system, J-95 is indispensable for performers who want a long-lasting and bass tone.

La Bella Oud String

La Bella, a registered trademark of “E&Q Mari”, one of the most rooted string making companies in the world, is a legend among oud players. In addition to the manufacture of oriental instrument strings such as La Bella oud, it continues the manufacture of ancient instruments’ strings by combining traditional methods with technology. In addition to this rightful reputation, it is possible to come across so many fakes in the market. La Bella, which has not given up its line for years, offers Turkish oud strings with tension, hard and long-lasting strings with its OU-80 model.

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